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I create worlds and rooms where furniture comes to life--where castaways are reawakened.
My goal is to design and create imaginative and unique pieces to be cherished for a lifetime. 
I am inspired by the creative and whimsical transformation of discarded furniture--once regarded as refuse. I love transforming salvage furniture; it's exciting to find a piece someone has tossed out and give it a new life. The possibilities are endless! So often in life we are handed things that have already been defined. I want people to share that feeling of seeing something as seemingly fixed as a table or chair transformed into a fanciful character.   

About me

What else you ask?

Thought Becomes Form - shadow box series


This series looks to explore the beauty and power of a single word--intention-- manifested in physical form—thoughts, carried on the wings of the crow, rising and falling to form and re-form the flesh of creation.


The crow, believed to have mystical powers, is the creator of the visible world and guards the entrance to the supernatural realms and the inner mysteries of life—they are the messengers of the spirit realm.


Possessing the ability to expand into other realms of consciousness, the crow can be in two places at once—dwelling beyond the realm of time and space.


A symbol in medieval alchemy as the initial state of substance, unformed but full of potential, the crow simultaneously embodies both matter and spirit—weaving thoughts of all nature into the forms that shape our experience. 


The crows remind us, “You give life to that which you give your attention.”

uBe Art Gallery

uBe Art was conceived with an emphasis on accessibly priced, emerging art designed to build relationships with a broad clientele.


In a culture where traditional galleries tend to intimidate art newbies, uBe Art dissolves that gap, bringing art and people of all walks and ages together in a space that encourages all to engage with art, get cozy with art, create art and appreciate art.


Delivering rotating exhibitionscreative workshops for all ages, and expert led home transformation workshops, uBe Art is hitting all the marks and growing to encompass more.

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